Stretcher Transportation

Non-emergency Medical Transport

Welcome to Call The Care, your trusted partner for non-emergency stretcher transport services in the Miami Metropolitan area. We prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring a smooth journey for every patient.

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Safe and Comfortable Stretcher Transportation Services in Miami Metropolitan area

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What is Stretcher Transportation?

‍Stretcher transport is a special service for patients who can't sit up or need medical supervision while moving. It helps patients get proper care during transfers from hospitals to homes, between medical facilities, or any other location.

Two men standing in front of a van with a patient inside, receiving medical care

Our Team & Vehicles

Our trained professionals are dedicated to providing a stress-free experience for every patient in need of non-emergency stretcher transport services.
Our commitment to this approach is demonstrated by our PASS certification, ensuring that our staff are always responsive, helpful and supportive.

At CallTheCare, our vans are specially designed to accommodate medical stretchers, ensuring a smooth ride, while our onboard equipment and amenities ensure that every journey is as comfortable as it is safe.

Who Needs Stretcher Transportation?

Post-operative patients are advised to remain reclined
Individuals with chronic conditions preventing upright sitting
Patients connected to specific medical equipment during transit
Long-distance transfers where lying down ensures comfort
Non-critical emergency transfers

Patients who are bedridden, recovering from surgery, disabled, or have mobility issues can greatly benefit from stretcher transportation services. This specialized service ensures a safe and comfortable transfer for individuals who are unable to sit up or require medical supervision during transit.

Family members looking for a reliable and compassionate way to transport their loved ones to medical appointments, facilities, or special events can also benefit from our stretcher transportation services.

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Types of Destinations for Stretcher Transportation Services

Our non-emergency stretcher transportation services are available for a variety of destinations, including hospitals, long-term care centers, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, and private residences. We also offer stretcher transportation for special events such as weddings, funerals, family functions, religious services, or home visits.

Most common destinations for non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT):

  • Hospital discharges to private homes;
  • Hospital discharges to facilities;
  • Transport from hospitals to hospitals;
  • Long-distance transports;
  • Doctor appointments;
  • Physical therapy appointments etc.

Why Choose Call The Care for Stretcher Transportation?

Safety First

Our vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge stretcher securement systems, ensuring stability throughout the journey.

Expert Care

Our team, skilled in the details of stretcher transportation, ensures that every trip reflects our dedication to excellence.

Personalized Service

Every patient is unique, and so is our approach to their care. We tailor our services to meet individual needs.

Timely Transfers

We respect your time. With a track record of timely services, we ensure you never miss an appointment.

Miami's Trusted Choice

Serving the Miami Metropolitan area, our reputation is built on trust, care, and unparalleled service quality.

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