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Long Distance Medical Transportation

Experience the best in class with our specialized vans and cars. No journey is too long for us.

We focus on offering long-distance transportation exceeding 200 miles.

A van in front of the USA flag representing CallTheCare's long-distance medical transportation services

Long Distance Medical Transport Services we offer

Door-to-Door Medical Transportation

Experience notch long-distance medical transportation with CallTheCare. Whether you're traveling 200 miles or crossing state lines we promise a safe journey with the best medical care.

State-to-State Medical Transportation

Traveling between states for medical reasons? We ensure a safe, comfortable journey, no matter the distance.

Non Emergency Medical Transport

Our vehicles are designed for safety and comfort for those needing medical assistance during transport but not facing an emergency situation, especially during extended long-distance journeys.

Bedside-to-Bedside Service

Our bedside-to-bedside service delivers thorough care for patients requiring assistance throughout the journey. We take care of every aspect of your distance medical trip from beginning to end.

Inter-Facility Patients Transfers

Moving between healthcare facilities across state lines? You're in the right place if a patient needs care in another state or has to be moved from their facility to one in a different state. The CallTheCare fleet is ready with all the equipment needed for a smooth journey.

Special Services for Senior Citizens

Seniors receive special attention with our long-distance transportation services focused on ensuring a comfortable journey for routine check-up visits, to loved ones or any other destination.

Bariatric Transport Service

Every patient deserves comfort. Our specialized vehicles cater to bariatric patients, ensuring a dignified and comfortable long-distance journey.

Nationwide Cross-Country Medical Transport

Are you traveling throughout the country for medical purposes? With CallTheCare, you're in the best hands. Our focus on safety and professional care makes us the top choice for medical transport across country.

Customized Transport Solutions

Each patient's travel needs are unique. Our team works closely with patients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities to create a transport plan for the highest comfort and safety every step of the way.

We provide various medical transportation services

Long-Distance Ambulatory Transport

Our service for individuals who can walk independently but need assistance or medical supervision during transportation is designed to ensure a stress-free journey.
A smiling young man in the driver's seat of an ambulatory transport conversing with an older man in the backseat

Long-Distance Wheelchair Transport

We provide wheelchair transport services to ensure that persons with mobility difficulties travel comfortably and with dignity. Wheelchair lifts and secure systems are incorporated into our vehicles to provide a safe ride.
A woman in a wheelchair accessing an equipped wheelchair transport van with the assistance of service personnel

Long-Distance Stretcher/Gurney Transport

Our transportation service uses state-of-the-art medical stretchers/gurneys and is closely monitored by our team for patients who require transportation while lying down.
CallTheCare staff assisting a patient on a stretcher into a long-distance medical transport vehicle

Why choose Call The Care?

Safety First

All vehicles in our fleet undergo safety checks and are equipped with advanced technology. Our drivers and staff are constantly trained to handle any situation on the road effectively.
Person inspecting car engine closely

Skilled & Caring Crew

Regarding non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) over large distances, the right team makes all the difference. Our drivers and staff professionals are handpicked for their extensive experience, skills, and genuine compassion. Whether your journey is short or spans across states, you can trust that you are in capable hands.
Image of a man in the driver's seat of the CallTheCare's van

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Quality long distance medical transportation services should be accessible without breaking the bank. Our high-quality services are available at competitive costs for journeys both near and far, with clear pricing and no hidden charges.
Happy elderly couple using a laptop to search for affordable long-distance medical transport services

Personalized Care

At Call The Care, we understand that each patient is unique. We customize our services to cater to needs, making every journey as comfortable and personalized as possible.
Woman in a wheelchair receiving personalized care during medical transportation


Take a moment to read what our customers have to say

I was nervous about the whole Miami to Orlando ride on a stretcher. It's not just around the block, right? But the CallTheCare crew? They were amazing. Right from the start, they exuded a presence. The driver, Jake, even played some soothing music to help me relax. Despite bumps along the way, they made sure I was comfortable throughout. Honestly, I didn't anticipate it to be as seamless as it was. A big thumbs up to these folks!
John A
I won't lie, the thought of a ride from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas made me stressed. But the van was comfy, and they even had this blanket for when I felt cold. George, one of the staff, and I chatted about everything from movies to Texas BBQ. We also made a few stops to grab food and had a nice dinner. It felt less like a transport service and more like a road trip with friends. I would ride with them again in a heartbeat.
Linda M

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long Distance Medical Transportation?
Long-distance medical transportation focuses on trips that cover 200 miles or more. If you or a loved one needs transportation over 200 miles, CallTheCare is known for providing state-to-state medical transportation services.
Can I use long-distance NEMT services for trips outside the city?
Certainly! If you're planning a trip between cities with a family member, NEMT services are an option.
Does insurance cover long distance medical transportation?
Insurance coverage varies by provider, but most do not cover non-emergency medical transportation. It's best to consult your insurance company for details.
How is the safety of patients ensured during long-distance transports?
Ensuring safety is our top priority at CallTheCare. Our vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge devices, and our crew is proficient in managing many medical scenarios, ensuring a safe trip.
Are there services available for elderly patients?
We offer customized services to fit the specific requirements of senior citizens to ensure they receive exceptional care and comfort during their journey.
How can I arrange a long-distance medical transport with CallTheCare?
Booking transport is straightforward. Contact our customer support team at (855) 850 2255 and provide the required information. We'll take care of the rest.
What kind of equipment is available on the vehicle during the ride?
Our vehicles have medical supplies like oxygen tanks and first aid kits. We can also organize equipment based on the patient's specific requirements.
Can family members accompany the patient during the transport?
Certainly, we recognize the significance of having family members close by. Family members are encouraged to accompany the patient, offering reassurance for everyone involved.

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