Ambulatory Transportation

Comfort & Punctuality

Call The Care offers reliable, comfortable, and timely ambulatory transportation services in Miami Metropolitan area.

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A white car representing Call The Care's ambulatory transportation services

Efficient and Comfortable Ambulatory Transportation in the Miami Metropolitan Area

A gray vehicle that is used for Call The Care's ambulatory transport services

Reliable Ambulatory Transportation Services

Call The Care is dedicated to providing top-notch ambulatory transportation services in the Miami Metropolitan area for those needing non-emergency medical transport. We ensure a comfortable and reliable journey, helping passengers reach their destinations safely and on time.

A gray vehicle that is used for Call The Care's non-emergency ambulatory transportation

Professional Team and Modern Vehicles

Our team of experienced drivers and support staff are committed to offering outstanding ambulatory transportation services. They receive thorough training to understand and address passengers' unique needs. Our modern, well-maintained vehicles are designed with comfort and accessibility in mind.

A woman helps an elderly man in a car. They are likely discussing ambulatory transport services.

Punctuality and Reliability

At Call The Care, we prioritize punctuality and reliability, understanding the importance of timely transportation for medical appointments and treatments. Our team works diligently to provide prompt pick-ups and drop-offs, allowing passengers and their families peace of mind.

A woman helps an elderly woman into a car for an ambulatory transport.

Customized Service and Easy Booking

We tailor our ambulatory transportation services to accommodate individual needs and preferences. To schedule your ride, contact us, and our dedicated team will ensure you receive the exceptional care and support you deserve during your non-emergency medical transport.